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Show your true colors !
Championship Stitched HandleBra

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HandleBra Mint Green HandleBra Burnt Orange HandleBra Fine Cigar
HandleBra Mint Green
Our Price: $80.00
HandleBra Burnt Orange
Our Price: $80.00
HandleBra Fine Cigar
Our Price: $95.00
The Perfect 10
JanNice is a cosmopolitan conversationalist
 with a sensual complement
 of spontaneity, humor and charm.
Mitigate mundane verbosity.
No wraps elocution is as loquacious as JanNice.
JanNice is your final wrap.
"Orange ya gonna love this?"
 grunts Guro William.

Guro Willian stands 6'6, a svelte 255.
He is also a Muay Thai instructor.
When Guro William grunts, I respond in the affirmative.

Eminently popular, "Fine Cigar" complements a Brooks honey saddle admirably.
and it's Charles approved!
Yup .. it's da good stuff.
HandleBra Dark Brown HandleBra Purple HandleBra Black
HandleBra Dark Brown
Our Price: $95.00
HandleBra Purple
Our Price: $95.00
HandleBra Black
Our Price: $95.00
Your journey has just ended:
now quench that thirst, indulge some
"Gutefahrt's Dunkel Lager"
this quality brew is intoxicating

Pamela Purple HandleBra
What additional distilled wisdom
does one need to assimilate?
It's Purple and Pamela likes it.

Too Tall loves the stuff ....
Mother Nature just can't attack
Too Tall Tarmac.

HandleBra Cobalt Blue HandleBra Pine Green HandleBra Red
HandleBra Cobalt Blue
Our Price: $95.00
HandleBra Pine Green
Our Price: $95.00
HandleBra Red
Our Price: $95.00
A fine specimen of Cobalt blue.
Bruce requested such copious quantities, HandleBra just had to name it after him!
Bleu Bruce cures those handlebar blues!
The frn may not be here tomorrow,
FRN green will!
FRN green HurricaneBra
 will not self dilute.
Rick is a Masters champion
of the Mt. Washington Hill Climb.
Nourish your bars with Rick Red
 ride like Rick! 
HandleBra White HandleBra Yellow Bedell Bentley  Grey
HandleBra White
Our Price: $95.00
HandleBra Yellow
Our Price: $95.00
Bedell Bentley Grey
Our Price: $95.00

White Leather
back by popular demand

White can withstand use, but the other colors abuse.
Ivory is a better bet if the wrap will be used in an intense environment.

HB highly recommends the water based creams featured on the storefront home page.
They feed & protect the leather, especially the white.

303 Aerospace Protectant is available at hardware and especially marine stores.

Please "nourish" the white and the leather will provide a long service life.

Speed Saffron will make you faster then
Bumble Bee Dave,
 the Mohawk Missile,
 downhill in a tornado!
HandleBra is the Definitive performance

Convivial Karen is emulous,
even her Flying Spur lacks the
precious patina of
Bedell Bentley Grey.

Rolls & Bentley feature
 real leather accouterments
and for good reason

HandleBra Aqua Marine HandleBra Tangerine Sport HandleBra
HandleBra Aqua Marine
Our Price: $95.00
HandleBra Tangerine
Our Price: $95.00
Sport HandleBra
Our Price: $115.00

Mikki Marine

 superior to aquamarine, Mikki is a true blue lifelong benefactor.
     Need a refreshing change of spirit?  Tried of ole watered down tapes?
     Mikki Marine is vivacious and a just plain old darn sparking good looker!

Hey guys,
you think you can drop Aleksandra?
think again
" pass her at your own risk"

Dual Stitch Sport HandlleBra

Pick any HandleBra Leather
Pick any two stitch colors
Please specify details at checkout
in the order comment area
Tres Sport HandleBra World Cup HandleBra
Tres Sport HandleBra
Our Price: $130.00
World Cup HandleBra
Our Price: $160.00
Tri Stitch Sport HandlleBra

Pick any HandleBra Leather
Pick any three stitch colors
Please specify details at checkout
in the order comment area

Please make sure to specify
which cord color is
the MIDDLE color

Show your true colors!

 White HandleBra
enhanced with
 Championship Stripes